A mysterious new world awaits Dale Barbie and the other former
citizens of Chester’s Mill.  We’ve waited months for the survivors to
take their first step toward what Melanie claims is “the way home.”

Once they take a plunge of faith in this new season opener, their
lives will be changed forever.

Or will they?

I’m the Ranting Usher.  Let me talk you to your seat.

After being trapped by an invisible dome that brings out the best and
worst of the citizens of Chester’s Mill, we pick up at a pivotal
threshold.  Melanie, who was mysteriously brought back to life in the
previous season, carries a supernatural egg that transcends the
world inside the Dome as well as outside it.  She has discovered a
way to leave the ruin of their hometown behind forever.   

The prospect of venturing into a realm beyond the devastation
caused by the contracting Dome is inviting, but disillusionment,
deception and even murder lurks behind Melanie’s innocent eyes
and smile.

Emotionally challenging moments and some exciting twists and turns
compensate for an overused cliché that things are not always what
they seem.

The premiere relies heavily on a theme of “moving on” as the central
characters pick up the pieces of their lives following the destruction
of the Dome and subsequently what lies within it.  After the death of
former love interest, Julia Shumway, Dale Barbie, played by Mike
Vogel, is in a new relationship.  The circumstances surrounding the
way Dale and his girlfriend met are rather suspicious.  Junior Rennie
apparently introduced them.  

Strangely enough, his name was listed on a memorial of those who
didn’t make it out of Chester’s Mill alive.    

How could he have brought them together?

Could it be that Junior and others are not really dead?

Questions such as these are an example of how Under the Dome is
taking its viewers on a complex and spontaneous journey.

Junior’s father, Big Jim Rennie, played by Dean Norris, has not
changed.  He’s still as cruel and psychotic as ever.  He stalks around
the house shooting at family photos.

He even shoots his son.

Will Jim Rennie ever see the error in his ways?  Most likely not, but
Jim is hardly Barbie’s or anyone else’s biggest problem.  Melanie has
lulled them all into a dimension in which they are unknowingly forced
to make false choices and accept false changes.  How will they
influence the characters in future episodes? That remains to be

The abstract subject matter, mounting suspense and the thrill’s we’
ve come to expect from Stephen King are what makes Under the
Dome one of the most watched shows on television.  These are the
elements that keep viewers coming back for more.  We can clearly
anticipate some shocking new developments.

I’m the Ranting Usher.  Let me show you another way out of the Dome.

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