I neglected to implement a rating system in this video.  It is difficult to rate a series I have not yet
seen, but in the spirit of speculation, I'm going to say that on a scale of one to five, "Twin Peaks 2017"
will probably be worth 3 1/2 views.  Only because I'm not sure about the Las Vegas setting.  But I'm
still excited to see it.

I've been thinking about it for a little while, and am willing to further speculate that Laura Palmer may
play a dual role in the new season.  I believe she will attempt to help Agent Cooper overcome his
demons while at the same time batting her own.  One of those demons could actually be Laura's own
shadow self. if you are a "Twin Peaks" fan I am curious to know whether you agree or disagree with
the speculations i my video as well as what I have written here.  Let me know in the comments down