#5 The frozen corpse startled and disturbed me.  I knew nothing about this man. Isn’t a dead
person so much scarier to look at when their history is totally ambiguous?
#4 The buildup was gradual and suspenseful.  I knew what I was about to see but not what it
would look like.  The unveiling of the gremlins hatching from their cocoons was frightening and
gruesome at the same time.   Aren't those cocoons freaky?  Poor Gizmo.
#3 Following a brief "Southpaw" trailer, a classic jump-scare, a gruesome meltdown and an
eerie theme painted this scene with horror.  It gave me nightmares.  Did it do that for you
too?  Did it ruin your appetite?
#2 Leave it to Christopher Lloyd to make a cartoon scary.  He delivered the right
combination of eye-bulging insanity and a squeaky voice to make a kid scream.  What do
you think?  Did this “seriously disturbed toon” keep you up at night?  
And the #1 scene that scared me as a child still frightens me to this day.  Ever since watching
this movie as a child I’ve been terrified of sharks.  Yikes!!!  Would this keep you from ever
setting foot in th ocean again?
I’m the Haunting Usher.  Let me reassure you back to a safer reality.  Do you agree with my
countdown?  Are there scenes any that I missed?  What part scared you the most as a child?  Let
me know in the comments section.