It was the night before Christmas and all through this over the top 2015 comedy, no cocaine was snorted
and no morals distorted.  

Oh, who am I kidding?

"The Night Before," written and directed by Jonathan Levine, will make you want to hit that joint.

I’m the Ranting Usher.  Let me smoke you to your seat.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anthony Mackie and Seth Rogan’s performances light up the screen.  The three of
them together are a real trip.

“To tell you the truth,” Isaac (Seth Rogan) confesses to the nativity scene, “I’m a little f***** up right now.”

We laugh heartily at these characters.   

Will they ever learn?          

That they do eventually learn from their glaring faults while undergoing changes in their personal lives
makes them easy to relate to and empathize with.

Does Isaac sober up so he can live up to expectations and be the husband and father everyone says he
is?  Does Chris (Anthony Mackie) take time out of his career to spend with his family?  Does Ethan
(Joseph Gordon-Levitt) win back his lost love?  

“Can we talk?”  Ethan asks his girlfriend.  “I have something to tell you and I want to tell it to you on
Christmas. I'd do your parents."

That play on words is absolutely hysterical.

“The Night Before” is both mischievously funny and delightfully heartwarming for stoners and comedy
fans alike.  

I’m the Ranting Usher.  Let's not get too burned out.

Do you agree with my review?  How has the holiday spirit helped turn your life around?  Let me know in
the comments section.