Many murder mysteries are complex.  Many unravel in mysterious ways.  Few twist our own morality quite
like Billy Ray’s 2015 action/drama “Secret In Their Eyes.”
Can you keep a secret, even if it means staring into the face of a killer for thirteen years?
I’m the Ranting Usher.  Let me talk you to your seat.
The story of homicide detectives chasing the man who had brutally murdered the teenage daughter of a
member of their squad, takes viewers on a winding tour of intrigue and suspense.
Frequently shifting back and forth in time in an effort to help us to know and care about Carolyn Cobb is
well executed and effective in evoking genuine emotional responses.  Contrasted with the central
storyline, however, is a subplot of anti-terrorism following the 9/11 attacks that merely contributes an
extra layer of complexity to a film that already has audiences scratching their heads.

The beauty of clever directing and sophisticated writing lies in the answers audiences are most eager to
discover.  They are woven into character depth and dialogue, all while revealing clues that hide in plain
“What would a few bullets do?” Jessica Cobb asks.  “Take his life in an instant while I spend the rest of
mine envying him?  Does that sound like justice to you?  Let him rot in prison.  Justice, I owe my daughter
Despite being a supporting cast member, Roberts’s sincere and intensely dramatic performance as the
mother of the murder victim outshines Chiwetel Ejiofor’s lead role as a ruthless cop with anger
management issues.  She even outshines Nicole Kidman’s character, an obsessive compulsive district
attorney who serves as the cop’s unrealistic love interest.             
While relying heavily on the trope of playing a guessing game with audiences, the numerous plot twists
wielded throughout the film are unique and engaging, setting the film apart from others of its genre.  
You can get lost in this movie if you aren’t paying close attention.  Should you look away from the screen,
you may find yourself meandering through the engrossing yet convoluted maze that is Billy Ray’s “Secret
In Their Eyes.”
It’s best to keep an open mind during this movie.  Trust me.  You’re going to need it.  Whether you were
able to follow the movie or not, you’re likely to discuss and speculate about it long after it ends.
I’m the Ranting Usher.  Let me clarify for you the true meaning of justice.
Do you agree with my review?  How good are you at keeping secrets?  Let me know in the comments