Hope, a young Goth girl and her boyfriend Nathaniel, are slowly building a future for
themselves and each other at a university in Birmingdale, a city just outside northern
New York.    

One thing threatens to destroy their lives.
Despite her Gothic nature, Hope is fearful of the Ouija
board.  She knows it’s dangerous.  She has seen it cause unspeakable horrors and warns
Nathaniel against using it, reminding him that the life they have together is what matters
most.  She thinks that this will give him hope, but he won’t listen.  He insists on using it to
connect with his baby-sister.        

Nathaniel’s stubbornness and his inability to let go of what happened in his past renders
him vulnerable to Kaveizal, a demon that preys on a person’s weakness, their Infirmitas.

Nathaniel is teased and taunted by the demon, and even possessed into taking his own
life, leaving Hope hopeless and alone.  She is desperate for a way to bring him back,
even if it means doing what she swore she never would.

When the Ouija board mysteriously appears outside her door, Hope hesitates to even
touch it, but just as Nathaniel could not resist his younger sister, she cannot resist her
lost love.

When Hope touches the planchette and activates the board, she summons Nathaniel.  His
death had haunted her for months.  She pleads with him to help her understand it.  
Nathaniel emerges from the board.  He reaches for her.   

Shocked and naïve, Hope takes Nathaniel’s hand, disregarding the changes he has
undergone, ominous changes indicating that she is in extreme danger.  Hope follows him
inside the Ouija board, leaving only her tear-filled journal behind.

A missing person report is filed.  Once a Sergeant for the Birmingdale PD turned
paranormal investigator, Detective Eerie takes the case.  He’s had experience dealing
with specters and poltergeists, etc. but nothing can prepare him for what he encounters
in his investigation; a spirit board that bears a malicious grin, the kind a child wears when
he knows a dirty secret, an entity that knows his deepest fears and weaknesses and
wields them like weapons.

With the help of an inner voice that he refers to as Swift, Eerie casts his own personal
horrors aside and pursues the missing girl.  He has to believe she is still alive.  He has to
believe she can still be found and delivered to safety.  He must not lose hope.                

Demonic forces are not Eerie’s only problem, however.  Head journalist of the
Birmingdale Tribune, Mr. Frank Malloy, thinks Eerie is a joke and is always trying to ruin
his reputation so that no one will take him or the search for Hope seriously.

Will anyone?

Perhaps Hope’s best-friend, Valerie Wilkins, whom she mentioned in her journal, can
help.  She also happens to be the person who reported Hope missing.  Eerie is
convinced she can provide useful information.  He shows up at a local coffee shop where
she has been known to hang out, hoping to find her.

Valerie is Goth as Hope herself is, but unlike her friend, she has been ousted from her
peers and appears to be bound by religion.  She carries a crucifix around her neck at all
times.  She claims it is her spiritual guide.

Eerie can tell Valerie carries many dark secrets inside her.  It becomes apparent rather
quickly that they both share a haunted past.  They both have been slandered by the
media.  They are both worried about Hope.  Valerie also bears uncanny resemblances to
Eerie’s mother.  The two agree to work together and form a gradual and unusual

Valerie is tormented not knowing where Hope is, whether she is all right or if she will
ever see her again.  She has feelings for Hope that run so much deeper than friendship.  
Will she ever get a chance to tell Hope she loves her?

Hope awakens inside the Ouija board to Green Ridge Pass, a secluded wilderness amid
Ogden Groves Park.  That is where she and Nathaniel first made love.

It is there that Hope finally learns of Kaveizal, the demon that had been lurking inside
Nathaniel when he arose out of the board to seduce her.  She realizes she had been
lured into a world shrouded in deception and evil, and yet she still cannot renounce her
love for Nathaniel.  Kaveizal knows this and plays on her emotions, drawing on her
Infirmitas.  The demon then asserts control over her as it did Nathaniel so that the two of
them can be together forever.  Can Hope resist Kaveizal’s power?  Is she strong enough?

Can Valerie and Detective Eerie find Hope and destroy the demon before it’s too late?

Will they all survive?

In a swift move, Hope manages to escape Kaveizal’s dimension and emerges from the
Ouija board.  To both Eerie’s and Valerie’s horror, Hope is frail, malnourished and
traumatized.  They must nurse and counsel her back to health and sanity.         

Valerie tries to reconnect with her long-lost friend as well as divulge her feelings toward
her.  After all that has happened, Valerie finds she hardly knows her.

Despite their efforts to hide her from the media, Eerie suspects that Malloy knows
something and sets out to confront him.

Valerie does everything she can to keep Hope from leaving, but even that isn’t enough.  
Hope escapes and returns to her apartment where the horror originated and activates
the Ouija board once more.

Hope knows she will never again lead a normal life.  She will always be smothered by the
media and the horrors she experienced will continue to haunt her.

During a climactic battle, Hope kills herself and Kaveizal at the same time.  The sacrifice
allows her to cross over as a pure spirit that grants the greatest gift of all to those
closest to her, the gift of hope.