We can all remember scenes from movies that made us cover our eyes when we were little.  

You may be wondering what scared me when I was growing up.  With this being the month of Halloween, I’
ve decided to share with you the TOP 5 scary scenes that haunted my childhood.
#5 The primitive chanting, the gong and the demonic and animalistic atmosphere are designed to
establish a suspenseful buildup to the most sadistic villain in the world of archeology.  I call him the
Jeffrey Dahmer of the Indiana Jones franchise.       

I clutched at my chest while turning away from the screen.  Can you blame me?
#4 The cinematography in this scene was masterfully crafted.  Rarely has an approach to a demonic
attack been executed more subtly or efficiently.  

A seed of terror had already been planted inside me.  All it took was unveiling of the hideous terror dog
to make me want to bury my head beneath a pillow.  Isn't that terror dog freaky?
#3 Chills flurried through me when I heard Mick Smiley’s voice singing amid the synthesizer while ghosts
scattered into the city.  That brings me to the part that truly scared me, the taxi-cab zombie.  

The brief shot of vaper hardly prepared me for an extreme close-up of an undead, rotting corpse.  Seeing
a dead man sitting in the driver’s seat clutching the wheel is both frightening and disturbing at the same
time.  For a long time I was wary of getting into a cab.  Wouldn't you be?
#2 Stan’s suicide ruined bathtubs for me for a little while.  After seeing this scene, I was afraid of who I
might find staring blankly out from behind the shower curtain.  What do you think? Would this keep you
out of the bathroom?
#1 Clowns, need I say more?  Tim Curry was extraordinarily terrifying as Pennywise the Clown.  I mean,
just look at those teeth while he drags the kid down into the sewer.  Look at those teeth.    

Did this movie make you afraid of clowns?
I’m the Ranting Usher.  Let me reassure you back to a safer reality.  It’s all right.  You can open your eyes
now. Do you agree with my countdown?  What scene scared you the most as a child?  Let me know in the
comments section.