I’m the Ranting Usher.  Lend me your ear while I talk you out of your seat.

Welcome to “Blue Velvet,” a 1980’s version of “Fifty Shades of Grey” directed by David Lynch.

Opening with a lead-in to a nebulous murder mystery before transcending into a sexually charged
crime-drama, “Blue Velvet” focuses on and overemphasizes themes of voyeurism, seduction and
criminal insanity.  Such themes may be captivating in their own right but take viewers to dark places
they would generally choose to avoid.  Peeking at a woman as she undresses, being blindly
seduced by her and cheating on a loved one are among the guilty pleasures observed.
Rossellini stars opposite a young Laura Dern, who plays Sandy Williams, the daughter of the police
detective.  Both women are Beaumont’s love interests and happen to be involved in other
relationships.  So, we’re supposed to root for these characters because as it is stated throughout
the film, “it’s a strange world,” and so anything can happen?

Sure, that kind of logic would redeem anyone.
David Lynch succeeds in helping us to overcome our character’s unfaithful behavior and actually
sympathize with them by introducing us to Frank Booth, played by Dennis Hopper, who as Jeffrey
Beaumont puts it is “a sick and dangerous man.”  
"Blue Velvet" may be as steeped in surrealism as David Lynch's other films.  it is merely
presented in a different way as Lynch presumably dabbled in a provocative subject matter
along with the mystery crime elements.   Unfortunately, this resulted in a dark and immoral film
that relies on an awkward storyline to carry it through to conclusion.

The movie is worth at least one viewing to see just how disturbing it really is.  Although there
are only so many times one can absorb such a dark portrayal of the human condition.  The best
that can be said is that the characters are well-acted and the major conflicts are resolved.
I’m the Ranting Usher.  Let me reassure you back to a safer shade of blue.
Do you agree with my review?  What bothered you the most while watching “Blue Velvet?”  
What did you like?  Let me know in the comments section.
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The mystery unfolds when Jeffrey Beaumont, a young college student returning to his hometown,
played by Kyle MacLachlan, discovers a severed ear in an open field and turns it into forensic
authorities to be examined.  The ear may be gruesomely intriguing, but it soon forgotten when his
investigation leads him to the ravishing and seductive blue velvet wearing night-singer played by
Isabella Rossellini.