I want the record to show I’m not a rat.  I may be the Ranting Usher and talk you to your seat, but I’m not
a rat.

Director Scott Cooper’s 2015 "Black Mass" is the most riveting crime drama in years.  The story of Jimmy
“Whitey” Bulger, the most dangerous criminal in South Boston, delivers a violent intensity reminiscent
of Scarface and Casino.           

Cooper perfectly captures the unsettling tone of a film based on actual events concerning the Boston
underworld.  That tone is complimented by crude dialogue and ruthless violence, which is exploited in
loving detail.  Some directors and cinematographers may pan elsewhere during particularly graphic
scenes, giving credit to viewer’s imaginations.  That technique is seldom used in Black Mass.  

Seeking to eradicate the Boston mafia who are trespassing onto his own criminal territory, Whitey
Bulger (Johnny Depp) forges a conspiratorial alliance with FBI agent John Connelly (Joel Edgerton) and
his brother, Senator Billy Bulger, (Benedict Cumberbatch).  The alliance is so authentically depicted that
viewers can easily buy into it.   

Depp’s performance as Bulger is bold and electrifying.  He is a live wire.  Don’t cross him.  Don’t
underestimate him.  

And don’t be a rat.

I’m the Ranting Usher.  Let me talk you out of this interrogation room.

Do you agree with my review?  What part of this story do you think is the most authentically portrayed?  
Let me know in the comments section.