Many of you who follow my blog or YouTube channel know that most of the time I present my reviews in a
professional manner.  Every once in a while, if there’s something about a movie or show that irks me or
strikes me as ridiculous, that’s when I abandon my composure and say something outrageous.  So, I’m
going to take a look back at some of the movies I’ve made fun of.
I’m the Ranting Usher and this is where the real ranting starts.
Why the sequel to “The Blair Witch Project” was called “Book of Shadows” I will never know since the book
was never once shown or even mentioned.
The sisters in “Charmed” never forgot their “Book of Shadows.”
Many of us remember Anastasia Steele in “Fifty Shades of Grey” and how naïve she was when it came to
her relationship with Christian.  Actually, naïve is putting it lightly.  Is her choice in men really that low and
desperate?  Even Bella from “Twilight” has higher standards.  How dare you force me to defend “Twilight,”
“Fifty Shades of Grey?”
“Speed 2 Cruise Control” really made me seasick.  I never thought that the quality of a film could be
diminished by Keanu Reeve’s absence.  
He was sorely missed.  
Poor Sandra Bullock; she must have gotten roped into a contract when she signed onto the first “Speed.”  
An actor of her caliber doesn’t belong in such a shipwreck.  I was relieved to see that she moved onto the
bigger and better things rather than letting her career crash and burn the way this disastrous sequel did.
In “Stranger Things,” a show I actually really enjoy, the kids liked to brag about how many hours they spent
playing Dungeons N’ Dragons.  Yeah, they play for ten hours.  Ten hours for sixth graders???  A game of
Monopoly doesn’t take that long.        
Those are a few of my outrageous observations.  There will be more to come.  Before signing off, I will
leave you with one more.  
Tim Robbins, Lea Thompson and Jeffrey Jones, all exceptional actors, starred in the quacking ‘80s travesty
“Howard the Duck.”  If you were to ask them about it now, they would probably rather dance the truffle
shuffle in front of a firing squad than admit they were involved with that project.    
How do you feel about the jokes I've made?  What movies and shows do you think deserve to get picked
on?  Do you have any of your own jokes to share?  Leave them in the comments below. I would love to
read them.  

Thank you so much for visiting my blog.  I really appreciate it.

I'll see you next time.